About Us


Daisy Gems is a small home based business based in Singapore. To the best of my abilities, I design the jewellery, hand make them and pack them. Daisy Gems is a one man operation so we would greatly appreciate for your patience and kind understanding when dealing with us! 


Original & Unique Designs Here at Daisy Gems, I am very particular about my designs; they must be original and unique. I've had my fair share of copy-cats, so trust me when I say, it does not feel good for your creation to be stolen. That said, all designs you see here are original and unique so you feel your best when wearing them.

100% Effort & Quality I am committed to creating the best for you, so I never skimp on quality. 
And I always believe that you get what you pay for, so you can be confident that you are paying for 100% effort and quality here at Daisy Gems.


Yew Min

Creator of Daisy Gems