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Aria Bracelet (1/2 Style)

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Sunstone | Moonstone | Strawberry Quartz | 18k Plated Hardware

Sunstone- known for the good luck and fortune this stone provides to it's owner. Sunstone helps with good nature, and gives happy and light energy to the owner too.

Moonstone- Moonstones are known to be stones of "new beginnings", to inspire inner growth and strength. They also help to increase one's femininity, wealth and helps in business matters.

Strawberry Quartz- Helps in love and attraction of relationships. It is also known to aid in career especially if the wearer is working in a fast paced environment.

*Important- Input exact wrist measurement in cm under 'add a note to your order' in cart

*Please note that all crystals used in Daisy Gems are natural and therefore unique. Crystals used to form your accessories may differ in patterns or colour ☺️ we may also change up spacers or hardware depending on the wrist measurement provided.