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Crimson Sunset (Hook Style)

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Rhodochrosite | Moonstone | Champagne Pearl | Sunstone | Japanese Freshwater Pearls

Rhodochrosite- helps with healing self esteem and negative thoughts that are holding the wearer back from taking action. Rhodochrosite is also effective in helping with heartbreak trauma.

Moonstone- Moonstones are known to be stones of "new beginnings", to inspire inner growth and strength. They also help to increase one's femininity, wealth and helps in business matters.
Japanese freshwater pearls- represents wealth, encourages change of insomnia and stress⁣.

Sunstone- known for the good luck and fortune this stone provides to it's owner. Sunstone helps with good nature, and gives happy and light energy to the owner too.

*Please note that all crystals used in Daisy Gems are natural and therefore unique. Crystals used to form your accessories may differ in patterns or colour ☺️ we may also change up spacers or hardware depending on the wrist measurement provided.