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Enchanted Bracelet (Full style)

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Larimar | Blue Lace Agate | Rose Quartz | Japanese Freshwater Pearls | Satin Spar | 18K Rose Gold Plated

Larimar- Enlighten and heal spiritually, encourages inner wisdom and has incredible calming powers. This stone also represents peace, harmony and clarity.

Blue Lace Agate- Calms down bad emotions and reduces bad temper. Aids in communication between friends and family. Blue lace agate helps to bring peace and harmony too

Rose Quartz- Rose quartz is the best stone for love. It is also known to help with communication in relationships and connections in the workplace.

Japanese Freshwater Pearls- High quality freshwater pearls imported and cultured from Japan. Pearls are known to symbolise wealth and helps with insomnia.

Satin Spar- Satin spar is called the “lucky stone”, and for good reason. Satin Spar is known for its benefits to bring fortune to its owner. It helps with skin health and especially those with acne or skin conditions. Moreover, it greatly helps with migraines and relieves stress for the owner. 

*Important- Input exact wrist measurement in cm under 'add a note to your order' in cart

*Please note that all crystals used in Daisy Gems are natural and therefore unique. Crystals used to form your accessories may differ in patterns or colour ☺️ we may also change up spacers or hardware depending on the wrist measurement provided.