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Sunshine Bracelet (3/4 Style)

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Golden Rutile Quartz | Japanese Freshwater Pearls | Citrine | Mother Of Pearl | 18K Plated Hardware

Golden Rutile Quartz-  businessman’s best friend, this stone is very effective in attracting wealth, and boosting career growth⁣

Japanese freshwater pearls- represents wealth, reduces change of insomnia and stress⁣

Citrine- apart from attraction of wealth, citrine brings happiness and joy to its wearer⁣

Mother of pearl- reduces feelings of stress and aggression

*Important- Input exact wrist measurement in cm under 'add a note to your order' in cart

*Please note that all crystals used in Daisy Gems are natural and therefore unique. Crystals used to form your accessories may differ in patterns or colour ☺️ we may also change up spacers or hardware depending on the wrist measurement provided.